I am a New York based artist, inspired to paint the interconnected energy of life.


My work serves to reaffirm that there is no separation between anything in the world. We are not separate from the air around us, from the vibrations of the words we speak, or from the raindrops falling on the other side of the globe. I visualize this connectivity by painting swirls of vibrant colors that play together in harmony. My brushstrokes create dynamic balance as they merge and divide - conjoining to create recognizable imagery, then spiraling out into the abstract mystery of everything that is visually imperceptible...


© Jared Charney Photography
I honor both the light and the dark as necessary parts of the whole, by building up layers of acrylic paint that illuminate the shadows with vibrant feelings of hope. My work aims to tap into our innate inner knowing that we are part of something much bigger. I want to inspire people to live in peace with each other and with the planet, and to encourage mindful living that reestablishes humans as a balanced part of the environment.
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